Spirit & Place Festival

Spirit & Place Festival

10 Adventurous Days

Where can you Risk Pursuing Your Passion, wade into Risky Waters, explore Scientific Heroism, and at the end of the day Get Rubbed the Right Way? At the 2013 Spirit & Place Festival, of course! 30+ events examine RISK through the eyes of women and teens, researchers and rabbis, artists and veterans, LGBTQs and Native Americans, small businesses and congregations, and more.

Hoosiers are not generally considered risk-takers. A recent essay on Indiana's history noted, "We are followers, not leaders; the state of vice-presidents, not presidents. Our motto is ... 'Good enough is good enough'." At the same time, our history is dotted with impressive contrary evidence, from the revitalization of downtown Indy and construction of a football stadium (without a team!) to hosting the 1987 Pan Am Games and the 2012 Super Bowl. What issues need strategic risk-taking? How can we surf the space between safety and danger in ways that stimulate community vitality? What risks can we take during Spirit & Place to galvanize change for pressing social concerns? Come find out!

The 2013 Steering Committee will offer a $2,500 prize for the community program most emblematic of the RISK theme. Here are videos from the five finalists:

Touchy Subjects

Spirited Chase

Leaving My Religion

The Hungry Games

Choose Your Own Adventure

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