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Happy Healthy Hearts

Happy Healthy Hearts, the women-focused initiative, kicked off at WFYI's Women, Wisdom & Wellness presented by St.Vincent Women's Services and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

The event featured health screenings, breakout sessions, information booths and more to support living a health lifestyle.  Now, you are invited to join in too.  Make the Happy Healthy Hearts Promise and commit to making changes to reach your best potential!

The Happy Healthy Hearts Promise encourages women to make simple, everyday choices that will improve cardiac health and lower Body Mass Index (BMI) -- key components for a lifetime of good health.

The Happy Healthy Hearts Promise is Simple

  • Exercise more - at least 3 hours of aerobic exercise each week - and drink lots of water.
  • Eat 5 or more fruits and/or vegetables daily.
  • Reduce or eliminate tobacco use.


Make Your Promise Now and Track Your Progress 

The Happy Healthy Hearts Promise is something you can start any time you are ready by completing the sign up.  You will receive a confirmation email along with a quick survey and access to an online log sheet to track your progress.

Participants will receive periodic emails with additional information, tips for success and words of encouragement from other participants.  Here is a pamphlet to help you get started!