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Brooks Blames President In Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Sam Klemet
Brooks Blames President In Ukraine-Russia Conflict

The United States is issuing sanctions against Russia due to its ongoing conflict with the Ukraine.

U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Indiana) calls the situation “a very disturbing time" and says America needs to get tough in order to help bring a resolution.

"We have to be creative in the way we are ratcheting up the sanctions," she said.  "I think we do need to send a strong message to Vladimir Putin and to Russia that this is unacceptable, aggressive behavior."

She says there is a concern that Russia’s aggression could expand across Europe.

"We will stand strong with the Ukraine and European Union because there could just be too many severe consequences if we don't," she said.

She added that the Obama administration shoulders some of the blame for the growing tensions, and believes America is not viewed as "strong and mighty" as it used to be and that is hurting peace talks.

"Unfortunately, I do believe that is the fault of the Obama administration," she said.

When asked if the current sanctions are strong enough, Brooks said "only time will tell."



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