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Flu Clinics Planned In Marion County

Jill Sheridan
Flu Clinics Planned In Marion County

People in Marion County will be able to get flu shots at low-cost clinics starting Thursday.  Health experts agree the earlier the better when it comes to getting immunized against the flu.  The CDC says Influenza seasons are unpredictable and can run from early September through late April.

The Marion County Public Health Department has six clinics lined up this month with the first planned for Thursday morning at Cathedral Kitchen.  The shots are only $15 for adults and $10  for kids and free for children under two. The flu vaccine is recommended for anyone 6 months or older, and especially important for people with certain medical conditions, pregnant women or those older than 65. 

To find out more about locations and hours, visit or call the Flu Hotline at (317) 221-2121.  



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