NewsLocal News / December 4, 2013

IND Opens First Center For Expedited Screening

Jill Sheridan
IND Opens First Center For Expedited Screening

There’s a new opportunity for air travelers in the Indianapolis area.  The first application site for a popular expedited screening program is open to flyers at Indianapolis International Airport. 

The Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck speeds up the screening process by letting people leave their shoes and belts on, keep laptops in cases and by-bass the full body scan. 

IND Senior Director of Operations Mike Medvescek says until now travelers have had to go to Chicago or Detroit to sign up for PreCheck.

"Now we have it hear in Civic Plaza.  It's not the secured side of the airport so you can come in and bring your passport or other items of identification," said Medvescek.

He says the process is simple and smooth for all travelers.  People can pre-enroll online at and then visit the IND application center to provide fingerprints, valid ID and an $85 dollar payment. 

The TSA plans to open more than 300 application centers around the country. 



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