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IPL Vows To Have Power Restored By Thursday

Sam Klemet
IPL Vows To Have Power Restored By Thursday

Since Sunday, 330 crews have helped restore power to those affected by the winter storm.

The effort is ongoing, but all the lights and heat should be back on soon.  

Indianapolis Power and Light Company reports 65,000 people lost power.

That’s about 14 percent of IPL’s customers.

"These crews have been out since Sunday, day and night facing the heavy snow," said Communications Director Brandi Davis-Handy.  "At times (facing) extreme wind, extreme temperatures - subzero temperatures - and have been able to stick with it."

She says priority was given to places where power impacted health and safety.

"If we have hospitals that are out, if we have fire departments, police stations - there were a number of fire departments that lost power. The media would be one," she said.  "That's kind of first when in terms of priorities, so what we consider essential customers."

Davis-Handy expects power to be restored everywhere by Thursday and says there have been no safety incidents with the crews working outside.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there were still about 3,300 customers without power.

Davis- Handy says IPL put initiatives in place before the weather turned bad and is pleased with the response.

"We were able to look at the forecast and know that we were going to get hit pretty hard on Sunday," she said.  "So at that point, we really started putting out messages about the importance of people putting together emergency plans."

photo courtesy of  IPL via Twitter



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