NewsEducation / September 24, 2013

Record Number Apply For Vouchers

The number of Indiana families looking for education options has exceeded expectations.2013-09-24T00:00:00-04:00
Record Number Apply For Vouchers

A record number of Hoosier families have applied for the state’s voucher program.  The Indiana Department of Education reports more than 20,000 students are seeking alternative education options. 

“This record number of applicants demonstrates the ongoing demand for choice,” says Betsy Wiley, president of School Choice Indiana. 

The vouchers provide money for children to attend private schools, depending on a family’s income.  Improvements to the voucher bill this year may be the reason for the increase in numbers.  The bill expands eligibility to more families, opens the program to siblings and those living in areas with failing schools. Last year 9,300 students received Choice Scholarships. 



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