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Senate Committee Won’t Vote On Virtual Charter Sports Bill

Senate Committee Won’t Vote On Virtual Charter Sports Bill

The Senate Education Committee won’t move legislation to let virtual charter school students participate in sports at traditional public schools, the chairman said Wednesday.

Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, said he decided not to hold a vote on the bill.

Kruse said the bill’s supporters need to get together with the Indiana High School Athletic Association and representatives of the virtual schools to see if they can work out the issue.

Kruse’s decision means House Bill 1047 will die this session. But because the bill has already passed the House, the language could be revived in to another bill before the session is over.

The proposal would still need to pass both the House and Senate.

The bill only applied to students attending virtual charter schools, which are generally web-based with limited in-person interaction.

It would have restricted students to playing only for schools in their residential districts.

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