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State GOP Includes Marriage Language In Party Platform

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State GOP Includes Marriage Language In Party Platform

The Indiana Republican Party passed a platform Saturday endorsing marriage that some delegates found divisive. 

The language officially adopted by the party says that strong families are founded on marriages between a man and a woman. It also recognizes the value of diversity in family structures.

But the plank didn't sit well with some delegates, who saw the position as divisive and wanted to amend the platform to remove the definition all together.

Delegate Tom John of Marion County proposed such an amendment to the platform during the convention.

“This amendment is not about whether we support gay marriage or we don’t support gay marriage," he says. "There are a diversity of widely held, very personal opinions in this room, all of which are valid. What this is about, is party unity.”

His amendment was easily defeated in a floor vote.

Lieutenant Governor and platform committee co-chair Sue Ellsperman says although there was not consensus on the plank of the platform regarding families, the document was the result of compromise and input from Hoosiers across the state.



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