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UIndy Offers Scholarships To Fallen Officers' Families

Sam Klemet
UIndy Offers Scholarships To Fallen Officers' Families

Last year, Indianapolis lost a police officer and two EMTs in the line of duty.

The tragedies touched the community and inspired University of Indianapolis President Robert Manuel to take action.

"We grew up right inside the city and I've always prided ourselves on being a support to the city," said Manuel.  "Our motto is education for service, so part of us always wants to find a way to serve the city and help the city grow.  We were all sitting down watching the services for officer Bradway trying to figure out how to be of help in moments of grief in the city."

The university is offering full tuition – about $25,000 a year – for dependents of a member of the Department of Public Safety killed in the line of duty.

DPS Director Troy Riggs says while it can’t bring the person back, it does offer some piece of mind.

"(Officers) realize that if they lose their life serving this community, that UIndy and this community is going to step up and support their family," said Riggs.  "That is a great deal of comfort, but also, I think it shows our workforce that people care about what they do day in and day out and that they are supported and that really helps our morale, as well."

There are currently 4,200 DPS employees.

The scholarships are available for family members of someone killed in the line of duty, retroactive to January of 1993.

"It's an extension of the traditions that we have at the university, so it's a natural fit for us to do something like this," said Manuel.

The scholarships begin with the year’s summer sessions.



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