Local News / January 22, 2014

Which Orangutan Are You Most Like?

Jill Sheridan
Which Orangutan Are You Most Like?

There's a unique way to connect with the newest stars at the Indianapolis Zoo.  A quick personality quiz at azyandfriends.com will tell you which of the zoo's seven orangutans you are most like. 

The latest part of the promotion features short videos of local leaders and celebrities that have taken the quiz describing which orangutan they most identify with.  Carla Knapp with the Indy zoo says the first video features ChaCha CEO Scott Jones.

"It's fun to see maybe some character points that you didn't know about these celebrities and how they match with the orangutans here at the Indianapolis Zoo," says Knapp.

Some of the great apes have actually been at the zoo for a few years and they've been able to bond with each other.  The orangutans will be moving into their new exhibit soon. 

The International Orangutan Center is set to open in May.