Chasing the Dream is WFYI Public Radio's series about poverty and opportunity in Indianapolis.

Let’s talk about poverty in Indy – what’s working, what’s not and what’s really needed for change – through WFYI's newest series, Chasing the Dream.

Listen to "No Limits" episodes about the topic below, and check back on this page for more stories.


Part 1

An opening discussion that frames the picture of poverty and sets the stage for three other shows in June as part of WFYI Public Radio's "Chasing the Dream" poverty and opportunity coverage.

Guests: Katharine Byers, former co-director of The Institute for Family and Social Responsibility at Indiana University; Kelsey Clayton, manager of the Indiana Assets and Opportunity Network.


Part 2

This show discusses the place of nonprofits in filling in service gaps left by government assistance.

Guests: Ann Murtlow, President and CEO of United Way of Central Indiana; Bill Taft, Executive Director of Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Indianapolis (LISC).


Part 3

A discussion on the importance of mass transit to the working poor.

Guests: Sean Northup, Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization; Shoshanna Spector, Executive Director Indy Congregation Action Network; Charlie Davis, Indianapolis resident whose employment and ability to age in place has been impacted by lack of public transportation.