How Can I Show My Support for Public Broadcasting?



A strong, diverse base of grassroots advocates is essential to ensuring the retention of federal funding. One entity formed to unify that support is Protect My Public Media, a collaboration of local public radio and TV stations, program producers and distributors, listeners and viewers who support a strong public media in the United States. You can help by sharing your testimonial here — they will be used as a resource when meeting with policy makers in the coming months.


Contact Your Representatives 

  We also encourage you to reach out to your Congressional representatives and let them know how you feel. Ultimately, funding public broadcasting is in their hands, so please take a minute to reach out and voice your support. Not sure how to get in touch with your representatives? Click here to find contact info for Indiana legislators representing WFYI's viewing and listening areas. Not sure who your representative is? This link should help:


You can also spread the word on social media. 

Click here to download a set of graphics you can share on social media about the value of PBS. 



Thank you for all you’re doing to keep public media going strong!