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In 2010, more than a dozen community partners launched a year-long initiative called IndyTalks. The initial series encouraged Indianapolis residents to discuss – from a variety of perspectives – the future of Indiana in an era of globalization.

Based on its success, in 2011, more than 20 local organizations will present a series of community programs exploring the idea of “Indy as a Super City” as part of IndyTalks, a collaboration dedicated to fostering a sense of community respectful and creative civic dialogue. In 2012 partners presented programs on  Indy at the Crossroads,  and the topic for 2013 is Indy’s Kids.  Explore Indy’s Health with us in 2014. 

Participants at Indy Talks events are encouraged to share ideas, information, experiences, and assumptions in a civic and civil manner that leads to learning and informs the public good. Program partners – now more than 20 --  are organizations connected to the arts, humanities, history, religion, film, education, media and more.

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