*Updated 1/8/18


2017 INner Circle Members - Annual Giving 

Diamond Level $10,000 and above*

Robert Bader and Toni Bader
Mary Greist and Tim Greist
John Guy and Gloria Guy
Michele E Janin and Tom Linebarger
Rhonda Long-Sharp
Kathleen Postlethwait and Robert Postlethwait
Ann M Stack and Chris Stack


Platinum Level $5,000 - $9,999*

Eugene and Marilyn Glick Family Foundation
Elizabeth Beck
Meg Coyle
Rollin M Dick and Cheri Dick
David R. Frick and Ann Frick
Carlyn Johnson
Robert Meyer and Gayle Meyer
Mel Perelman
Marguerite Shepard
Susanne Sogard and Jack Sogard
William Witchger


Gold Level $2,500 - $4,999*

A J Allen and Kathryn Maeglin
Eugene G Ardeel and Carol M Ardeel
Toye Begbaaji and Tola Begbaaji
Raymond J Biederman and Erika Biederman
Ted Boehm and Peggy Boehm
Eleanor Bookwalter
Ryan J Brown and Hannah N Sullivan Brown
John Campbell and Tammy Campbell
Elizabeth Chamberlin
C. Sterling Cryder
Julie Davis and Richard Davis
Neil Delapp
Serena Donnelly and Bret Huff
Adam Fischer
Ron Fisher and Susan Fisher
Timothy Garnett and Peter Slaymaker
Greg Garvey
Eric Gillispie and Patricia Gillispie
Brian Grant and Claudia Grant
Suzanne Gray
Eric Haag
Michael Heaton
Stanley Hirschfeld and Dorothy Hirschfeld
Brenda Horn
Stan C Hurt and Sandra Hurt
Steven Isenberg and Kristine Isenberg
Rajan Kapur
Ann King
Carlos Lopez and Eleanor Lopez
Greg Merrell
Evan Miller
Robert L Murphy
Rebecca C Polak and Jonathan Polak
Myrta Pulliam
Jeffery Qualkinbush and Julie Qualkinbush
Kent Robertson and Catherine Robertson
George Rubin and Sara Rubin
James Sloan and Allyson Sloan
Pamela Smith
David Stedman
Sydney L Steele
Michael Sullivan and Amy Jo Sullivan
Transcendent Travel Services LLC
John Waidner and Patrice Waidner
Tim Wiley and Amy Wiley


Silver Level $1,200 - $2,499*

Kari Addleman and Jason Addleman
Eric Adolph and Teresa Beam
Michael Allison
Rosanne Ammirati and Kevin Krulewitch
Devin Anderson
Chris Baggott and Amy Baggott
Sarah Barney
Frank Basile and Katrina Basile
Stephen Bavender and Marcia Bavender
Nancy Bergen Hunt and V. William Hunt
Pamela Boch
Daniel Boeglin and Andrea Smiley
Mathene Boehner and Richard Boehner
Carol Boltz
Pauline Bond
Eleanor Bookwalter
Carla Brocksmith
Michael Broome
Tim M Bruemmer and Valerie Bruemmer
Jason Burlison
David Burr and Lisa Burr
Lee Campbell and Connie Campbell
Vincent Caponi and Robyn A Caponi
James M Carr and Angela Carr
George Charbonneau and Linda Charbonneau
Alison Chestovich
Mary Beth Claus and David Claus
Diane E Clayton
Matthew Cooper
Jamie Courtway
Dina M Cox and Ryan Lacy
Stephen Cranfill
Thomas Cudahy and Sarah Cudahy
Gregory Cunningham and Cheryl Cunningham
Consuelo Davis and David Davis
Linda Decker
Mark Dewart
Julie N Dimmack and Seth Charles
Christopher Doecke
Thomas Morgan Dorantes and Sunah Caroline Kim
Jan Drac
Audrey Dressel
David Dunn and Pam Christy
Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and Sergio Aguilera
George Farra and Beverly Farra
Lynn Fields and Claude Fields
Norman L Fogle and Adrienne A Fogle
Indra Frank and Mark Frank
Chris Fretts and Claire Dana
Kristin G Fruehwald and Michael Fruehwald
Thomas Gallagher and Karen Gallagher
Alan Geisler and Gail Geisler
Linda Gibson
Susan Godley and Mark Godley
Greg Goelzer
Michael Goheen and Sharon Goheen
Stephen Goldsmith
Janet Guthridge
Jeff Hadden and Tracy Hadden
Fred Hallett
Julia Handel and David Handel
Arthur Hanna and Susan Hanna
Brandon Hardesty
Frank Hartman and Patricia Hartman
Anita Harvey
Patrick Havens and Danielle Havens
Charles Helmen
John Hengesbach and Bernadette Hengesbach
Greg Henneke and Martha O'connor
Margaretha Henry and Matthew Henry
Michael Herndon
Jane Herndon and Dan Kramer
Zachary Hodes and Judy Hodes
Susan Hoffert and Mark Wolanski
David Holtman and Gayle Holtman
Carol Hooker and Robert Hooker
Scott Houston
James W Hubbard and Sally F Hubbard
Jim Hunter and Cindy Hunter
Mindy Hutchinson and Rob Friedman
Andy Jackson and Celia Jackson
Tim Jarzombek
C. Conrad Johnston and Marjorie T Johnston
Dave Jongleux and Lynn Jongleux
Larry Kane and Connie R Kane
Uzma Kazmi
Pegg Kennedy and Michael Kennedy
Joe Kessler and Kathy Kessler
Michael D Kinder and Jerri S Kinder
Kenneth Kindler
Conor Kirby
Paul Kirchgraber and Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber
Kathryn Kish
Larry Kitchel and Leneta Kitchel
Gary Klotz and Bingham Greenebaum Doll
Jeffrey A Kons and Tracy M Kons
Mark Kordis
Amy Kosnoff and Scott Kosnoff
Gerald J Kurlander and Shirley P Kurlander
John Kyle and Marcia Dunne-Kyle
Henry Laboda and Beverly Lyman
Katie Landwehr and Sean Landwehr
Michael W Langellier and Caroline Langellier
Burton Largura and Heather Largura
Kirk Lemoine and Wendy Winckelbach
Jeanne Lewer
Lynn Lewis and Andrew Lewis
Sara Liebhaber
Amber Logsdon
Cynthia Longest and Bill Longest
Jeanne A Lugo and Nobel Lugo
John Mail and Ingrid Mail
Kevin Malley
Matthew Marietta
William E Marsh and Donna F Marsh
Margaret Maxwell and John Krauss
Patricia Mcconnell
Ryan McCracken
Robert C McDonald and Mary Walsh
Philip McGeath
Marni McKinney
Jeffrey Meglin
Sharon R Merriman
Tom Miller and Babette Miller
Nancy Miller and James Miller
Larry Miller
Daniel Mowrey
Steven Mueller and Elizabeth Mueller
Evan Newman
Danny Ngo and Kathleen Ngo
John Nolan and Deborah Nolan
Chuck Okenfuss and Judy Okenfuss
Shawnessy Osborn
Brendan O'Sullivan-Hale and Frank Smith IV
Darrin Pack
Bruce Pallman and Wendy Pallman
Anand Patel
Barbara Pauley
Margaret Peck
Joseph F Pieters and Caroline Y Pieters
Barnes and Thornburg LLP
William Plater and Gail Plater
George Plews and Christine Plews
LaTona Prentice and Kirk Prentice
Gary Price and Brenda Rising-Moore
John Quets and Annemarie Quets
Patsy J Raver
Steven Reilich and Betty Reilich
Cynthia Reissaus
David Resnick and Miriam Resnick
George E Revtyak and Diane E Richards
Robert Richardson and Scott Kahler
Raquel G Richardson and Kaus J Christopher
Brian Richardson and Deborah Richardson
Matthew Roesch and Stacey Roesch
Deborah A. Ronco and Peter Ronco
John Ross and Susan Ross
Judith Roudebush
James Russell and Mary Russell
Dennis Sanner and Maureen Sanner
Wagner Equipment Co Inc R Scott Sauer
Eileen M Scott
Marie-Claude Shanafelt and Armen Shanafelt
Rebeccah Shannon
John Shawhan
Michael Skehan and Cynthia Skehan
Mike Smith and Sue C Smith
William O. Smith
Caitlyn Smith
Linda Stark and Jerry Stark
Margaret Stockdale and Michael Heck
Lesley Stoeffler
John H Taylor and Marcy Taylor
Audrey Taylor and Nick Taylor
Norman Terando and Carolyn Terando
Barbara Tinkham and Warren Young
Catherine M Turner and Robert Turner
Phyllis Usher
Matthew J Van Auwelaer and Carol A Van Auwelaer
Van Riper Woodard Family Foundation
Brad Vawter
Sherry Watkins
Thomas P Weber and Becky A Weber
Carol Weiss
Brian W Welch and Susan Welch
Courtenay Weldon and Emily Weldon
Alan Whaley and Elizabeth Whaley
Daniel Wheeler and Susan Wakefield
Anna S White and James P. White
Nancy Whitmore and Robert Whitmore
Lucy H Wick
Richard Wiehe and Patricia Wiehe
Barbara Wilder
Marianne Wokeck
Carter Wolf and Kim Gattle
Reba Wooden
Charles Yeager
Pamela Young
Nick Zaborenko and Callie Zaborenko
Mark Zelonis and Sally Zelonis
Michelle Zimmerman
Robina Magda Zink
Gene Zink and Mary Ann Zink


Bronze Level $500 - $1,199

Vasantha Aaron and Sean Gussick
Rafat Abonour
The Ackerman Foundation
Kristin Adams and Franklin Roesner
John Adams
Kent Adler
Alfonso Alanis and Maria-Carmen Alanis
Mark Alberts and Meg Alberts
Omer Al-buoshkor
Walter Alfred and Cheryl Alfred
David Allen and Mary Allen
Judy Amlin and Craig Amlin
Pamela W Anderson
Caryn C Anderson and David T Anderson
Carl B Anderson
Pat M Anker and Bob Anker
Sally Anliker and Keith Anliker
Ellen Annala
Anonymous and Anonymous Friend 1
Sarah Archer
David H Arland and Karen Arland
Michael Aspy and Jennifer Aspy
Simon Atkinson and Joan Duwve
Pierre M Atlas and Debra R Luffer-Atlas
Michael Baach and Suzanne Baach
Sue Back and Mike Back
Becky Bailey
John J Baker and Deann V Baker
Cindy Baker and Jerry Baker
Johnpaul Baldwin and Debbie Baldwin
Douglas Balogh and Deborah Balogh
Lavanya Bandaram
Leigh Bangs and Alice Shooter
Morris Bank
Charles R Bantz and Sandra Petronio
Lisa Barberio and Greg Barberio
Gilbert H Barnes and Barbara Barnes
Jim Barnes
Kenny Barnett
Sheila H Barr
Arnetta Batemon
Mark Bates and Carrie Bates
Stephen Battiato
Frederick A Bazley and Elizabeth I Bazley
Rachel Beam
Keith Bean
Jim W Beatty and Phyllis Beatty
Ken R Beausang and Carol C Beausang
Kathleen Beck-Coon and Robert Beck-Coon
Diane Begley
Marion Behr
Robert Bennett and Dagrun Bennett
Dee Marie Bernhardt
J. R. Berry and Barbara A Berry
and Jerome Bessler and Astra Liepa
Glenda Beyers and Bill Beyers
Sally Biddle McGuffey
Kathy Billiard
Jean Blackwell
Charles Blair and Margo Blair
Suzanne Blakeman
Melinda Blakesley
Dr John C Bloom and Raymond J Leppard
Peter Blum
Joyce Boadt
Jesse Bobbitt
Barbara Bodem
David Bodenhamer and Penny Bodenhamer
Robert Boeglin
Jennifer Boehm
Eric Boes and Tatiana Foroud
Bernerd Bogar and Carolyn Bogar
Valerie Boots and Daniel Boots
Blagoy B Borissov and Erin Casper Borissov
Myra Borshoff
Sajal Bose
Fred Boso and Ellen Boso
Heath E Bost and Elizabeth Bost
Tacey Boucher and Robert Maple
Larry Boulet
Ray A Bowden
Gerald Bowden and Nancy Bowden
Craig Bowen
Forrest Bowman and Beth Bowman
Carter Boyd
Kathleen Boyle
Patrice A Bradley
Barbara E Branic and Michael Branic
Milly Brehob
Jonathan Bricker and Susan Sutton
Jennifer B Briggs and Greg L Buchanan
Barbara Briggs
Linda Broadus
Karen Broecker
Alice W Brown
Teresa Brown
Yevonne Brown
Gregory Brown and Marsha Brown
Stephen Brown
Jill Bruce and Christopher Bruce
Ryan Alan Buck
Lorrene Buckley
Presley T Buntin and Maureen Buntin
John L. Burkhart
Gay Burkhart
Michael Burton
Steve Bushouse and Jill Kooiman
Fred Butler
Carolyn Butler-Lee
Ellen Butz
Timothy Butz
Christopher Byler and Helen Byler
Roy Cage and Mary Cage
John Calley and Cynthia Calley
Brandon Candis
The Carmelite Sisters
Nancy Carpenter
Susan Carroll
Joseph J Carter and Joan G Carter
Ryan Cassman
Tony Ceglio and Lezlie Schneiter
Debra Chase
Debra Chelf
Peter Chen and Hsiaohan Chiu
Debra Chen
Peng-Sheng Chen
Nancy Chism and Grady Chism III
Jeffrey Christie
Andrew Churchill
Linda Claffey and Stephen Claffey
Ronald Clark and Claudia Clark
Stephanie Clements and David Clements
Cynthia Coble and Christopher Coble
Mary Coffey
Alan Cohen and Linda Cohen
Michael Cohen and Rochelle Cohen
Nick Colby and Kelly Colby
Ciaran Connery and Ann Connery
Amy C Conrad Warner and John Warner
Susan Conroy and Tony Wiederhold
David Cook and Julie Cook
J. David Cook and Ann B Cook
David and Lynda Cook
Kathy Coram
Kathleen Corcoran and Brian Carlson
William E Corley and Angela B Corley
Pamela Corn
Patrick Corsi
Raymond Cortez and Sandra Cortez
Michael Coscia and Catherine Coscia
Maggie Coughlin
Jeffrey Coulson
Benjamin Cowan
David W Crabb and Ellen S Crabb
Jeffrey Crabtree and Diane Crabtree
Leah Crafton
David Crawford
Ronald D Creager and Barbara Creager
Brian C Crist and Jennifer Lee-Crist
Dave Crockett and Christine Crockett
Amy B Cronin
Kendall Crook
Cheryl Crooks
Zachary Crowe and Carolyn Crowe
Diane Cruz-Burke and Craig C Burke
Ken Cunningham
Dave B. Curtiss and Dianne K Curtiss
Linda Cuticchia and Michael Cuticchia
Arthur E Cutler
Matt Dagon and Meghan Dagon
The Daniels Family Thanksgiving Fund
Juanita Daniels
Bob Daugherty and Stephanie Daugherty
Andrew Davenport and Marie Davenport
Kathy Davis and John Davis
Cathy Jane Davis
Marsha Davis
John Davis
Charles Davis and Jackie Davis
Mary Emily Davisson
Anne De Prez
Francis Deane and Noreen Deane
Diantha Degraw
Ann M Delaney and Ed Delaney
Dianne Delapp
Stephen Demougin and Deborah Demougin
Scott Denne and Mary Lynn Denne
Danielle Deppert and Troy Deppert
Kevin Deprey and Emily Wren
Ashley R Deprez and Paul Giese
Thomas and Margaret Deputy
Jim Deshields
David Devine Jr. and Angie Devine
Heather Dhar and Sisir Dhar
Lisa Dick and Jeffrey Dick
Kathleen Dimmett
Debi Dixon and Rick Ruegg
Philip Dodd
William Doherty and Frances J Doherty
Cheryl Donaldson and Stephen Donaldson
Sharon Mills Donnelly and Michael Donnelly
Richard Dooley
Douglas E Dorman and Frederika A Dorman
Rosemary Dorsa
Rita Dougherty
Craig Doyle and Lee Doyle
Michael Drascic and Jane Drascic
Monica Dubina
Jason Dudich
Michelle Duman and Timothy Duman
Amy Dunham
Diane Dunkman
Julia Dunn and Edward Dunn
Douglas Dunn and Nancy Dunn
Leigh Durbin
Stephen Dutton and Ellen Lee Dutton
Chris Dyer
Jerry L Eads
Todd Eads and Pam Eads
Rebecca Earls
Robert Eberle
Kim Ebert
Douglas Eckberg
Beth Eckert
Gary Edgerton and Nan Edgerton
Patricia Edwards and Bob Edwards
Thomas Eggers and Judy Eggers
Eric Eggleton and Toni Eggleton
Sarah Ellcessor and Rod Ellcessor
Jo Ellen and Bill Buffie
Marian Elliott
Kelli Ellis
Susan Elpers
Susan Elser and Elser Financial Planning
Robert Elzer and Joy Elzer
Carol Ensminger
Marian Erler and Don Erler
Rosemary Ervin and Richard Schevitz
Robert Estka
Amber Evans
Daymon Evans
Kari A Evans Bennett and Patrick Bennett
Brian Fairbanks and Andhra Fairbanks
James Fairfield and Martha Fairfield
Sarah Faller and Keith Faller
Dorothy Fancher
Nagy A Farid and Khadiga Farid
Sherry Faris
William Farkas
Jack Farr and Sonja Farr
Elizabeth M. Farr
Linda Farrar
Lance Farrell
Carol Feeney
Kaitlyn Feiock
Tony Felts and Kirsten Felts
William Fennema
Audeen Fentiman
Lavon Ferger and Lawrence S Ferger
Todd A Finnell and Deandra Finnell
William Fischer and Rhea Fischer
Norman Fletcher
Amy Flis and Mike Flis
Jason A Flora and Vanessa Flora
Lee Ford
Jon Ford and Allison Ford
Tim Foster and Rhonda Foster
Patricia Foxworthy
Bruce Frank and Linda Frank
Jeffrey Frank and Lavonne Cook Frank
Karen Fraser-Mills
Ed Free and Cynthia Free
Cecilia Y Friedly and Robert L Friedly
Cherryl Friedman and Shelly Friedman
Karen Friss and Gregory Steffen
Tom Froehle and Jenny Froehle
David Fronek
Brian Frost
Edward T Fry and Kathy Fry
Saltsburg Fund
Ed Gabovitch and Phyllis Gabovitch
Sherry Galambus and Mark Galambus
Annie Gallagher
Eric Galloway
Thomas Gannon
Keith Gantner and Julie Gantner
Molly Garau and Jerry Garau
Doug Gard and Julia Gard
Shannon Gardner
Chip Garver and Megan M Garver
William Garvey and Jill Ann Garvey
AMG Engineering and Machining, Inc.
Michael Gastineau and Beth Gastineau
Robert L Gauss and Christy Gauss
David Gehan and Katherine Gehan
Randee Gelbert
Gene Gentili
Thomas Gerber
Doug Gettelfinger and Cheryl Gettelfinger
Rex Gibbs
Richard H Gilbert and Anne H Gilbert
Scott Gilchrist
Brook Gilliam
Sharlee Gipson and Robert Gipson
Erin Gladstone
Nika Gloyeske
Lynda M Goeke
Nick Gold
Nancy Goldfarb and Michael Brill
Sandra Goodall-Sillery
Janice Goodman and Steven Pattison
William Goodwin
Steven Goodykoontz
James Gorski and Laura Baker
Patricia Gotway and Jerome Gotway
Nan Graf
Thomas Grande and Arlene Grande
David Gratner and Marsha Gratner
Stuart Grauel
David Gray and Sarah Gray
Frank Green and Barbara Green
Sarah Green and John Green
Jeff Greenwalt and Kim Galeaz
C. Perry Griffith
James Grimes and Peggi Grimes
Ann Grimes
Judy Gripp
Walter Gross and Janet Gross
Jackie Groth and Jackie Groth
John B Grutzner and Jocelyn Grutzner
Shane Guffey
William Gulde
Ray Gyori-helmuth and Sonja Gyori-helmuth
Nancy Habeeb
Thomas J. Hacker and Susie Hacker
Michael P Haffley and Paula S Haffley
Richard A Hahn and Cathy A Hahn
John Halal and Martha Halal
Linda Hall
James Hall
Richard Hall and Hall Koehler Law Office
Cris Halter
Eileen Hamidi and Ramin Hamidi
Kenneth H Hamilton and Barbara Hamilton
Rosalie Hancook
Bonnie Hand
Carolyn Hardman and Donald Hardman
Sandy Harlan
Carolyn Harrington
Lisa Harris
Ms Lynne Hart
James Hauck and Angela Hauck
Henry A. Havel and Mary P. Stickelmeyer
John R Hayes and Barbara M Hayes
Samuel Hazlett and Margaret Hazlett
Joyce Heald
Thomas Hebenstreit and Judith Hebenstreit
Lisa Heid
Bernard Heidt
Robert Heine
Charles Heintzelman and Asrah Heintzelman
Linda Heitzman
Edward Hellman and Laura Reuter
James Henderson and Mary Henderson
Jane A Henegar and Matt R Gutwein
Richard E Hennessey and Martha J Hennessey
Daniel Herman
Barry Herring and Deborah Herring
Joyce Hertko and Jeff Miller
Elizabeth J Hewett
Susan Hewett and William Hewett
Thomas Hill
Andrew Hisey and Chandy John
Narcissa Hocker
Elizabeth Hoegeman
Beverly Hogan
Dave Hoggatt and Betsy Hoggatt
Abbe Hohmann
Howard Holden and Susan Holden
Christine Holdsworth and Martin Holdsworth
Karen Holly
Diane Holt
Virginia Home
Tom Horner and Carol Horner
Naomi Horton and Robert Horton
Julia Hosek
LaDonna Howard
Greg Howell and Debbie Howell
Mark Hoyer and Maureen Hoyer
Eric Hubbard
Mary Huber
Keith T Huff and Maureen Huff
Steven K. Huffer and Susan Huffer
Rodney Humphrey and Marsha Humphrey
Theresa Hurn
Mark Husk
Larry Hutcheson
Sheila R Hyatt and Stephen J Hyatt
Amanda Ingram and Mark Elrod
Freddi Stevens-Jacobi and Robert Jacobi
Mary Jacobs and Larry Cripe
Gretchen Jeavons and Thomas Jeavons
John and Liz Jenkins
Mary Jennings
Hans Jensen
Hemendra Jhala
Paul Johnson
Craig L. Johnson and Pat A. Trowers-Johnson
Michael Johnson and Sheryl Johnson
Mary Johnson Robey and Kirk Robey
Terry Jones and Susan Hoffman
James Jones
Margerie Jones
Michael Jones
Ann Jordan and Michael Jordan
Robert Joseph and Sandy Joseph
Rex Joseph Jr. and Carol Joseph
Betsy Joyce
Joyful Noise Recordings
Mike Judd and Jan Judd
Alisa Judy-Malcolm and Nebiyu Malcolm
Linda Kandel and Franklin Kandel
Aimee Kandrac and Brett Yockey
Alka Kapur and Rahul Kapur
Leah Kareti and Kiran Kareti
David S Katz and Lorna S Katz
Kristine Kauffman
Donald Kaufman
Suetta Kehrein
Richard Kellems and Linda Kellems
Matthew Kelley
Kevin Kelly
Maurice Kelsey and Marilyn Kelsey
Rebecca O Kendall and Charles E Kendall
Kelleen Kennedy
Robert Kennedy and Sheila Kennedy
Vasiliki Keramida
Michael Kiefer and Pat Kiefer
Dale Kiefer and Bonnie Kiefer
Cheryl Kile
MR George Kim and Vada Kim
John C Kincaid and Mary E Soper
James Kincannon
Paul Kinkel and Whitney Kinkel
John Kirchner
Thomas Klages and Catherine Klages
Betsy Kleinmaier and Ted Kleinmaier
William Kleschick
Tracy E Knight and Nicholas Grahame
Suzanne Koehler
Richard Kohler and Anne Kohler
MR Ray Koskie and Mrs R. Koskie
Vince Kotarski and Kathy Kotarski
Roxanne Kovacs and Richard Kovacs
Katina Krambeck and Daniel Marble
Beth Kramer
Ramesh Krishnamurthy
Kathleen Krueger
Wanita Kumar and Christopher Bohyer
Rosemarie Kuntz
Marjorie Kurt
and Russell Kushigian
James E LaCrosse and Patricia LaCrosse
Ryan Lacy
Gina Laite and Anantha Shekhar
Ned Lamkin Jr. and Martha Lamkin
Frank Lamm
Jon Laramore and Janet McCabe
John Larson
Stephen Lathrop and Alma Lathrop
Fredric Laughlin
Angie M Le Blanc
Eric S Leaming and Rosalind D Leaming
Eric Learned
Frank Learned and Sandra Learned
John Lechleiter and Sarah Lechleiter
Robin Ledyard
Beth Leedy
Diane Leland
Linda Leonard and Steve Kozey
Jack E Leonard and Karen Kay Leonard
Keith W Lerch and Kathryn Lerch
Lee Lewellen
Meg Liffick and Joseph Ball
Andrea Lightfoot and Jeff Lightfoot
Nancy Lilly
Jan Lindemann
Michael Linsley
David A Linville
Sharon Livingston and David Livingston
Daniel Livingston
Russell Long
Steven Longstreet and Shawnita Longstreet
Jim Lootens and Sara Lootens
Joe Loughrey and Deborah Loughrey
Judith Lovchik
L. Robert Lowe Jr. and Nancy B Lowe
Tao Lu
Suzann Lupton and JB Lupton
Emily Machogu
Renee Madison
Chinediu Maduakolam
William Malcolm
Greg Malone and Kathryn Kelley
James K Malone and Jeanne M Malone
Maureen Manier and David Lott
Lyle Mannweiler and Deborah Daniels
Mohamad Mansoori and Karen Mansoori
Julius Mapalad
James Maresh and Inge Maresh
David Markisohn
Thomas G Marks Jr. and Robin Marks
Joanne B Martin and Brita A Horvath
Winifred Martin
Leonard Mascaro and Kathryn Mascaro
Joy Masterson
Anne Mattingly
Rachel Veronica Mattingly
Elaine Mattson
Angela McBride and William McBride
Patrick McCabe
Kellie McCarthy
Constance McCloy
June M McCormack
Michael D McCormick and Margaret McCormick
Kenneth McCune and Karen McCune
Renee Mcdougal
John McGarvey
William McGraw and Susanne Blix
Rob McGuire and Lisa McGuire
Melissa McHaffie
Lisa McKee Lanham and Michael Halstead
Alan McKenzie and Ann McKenzie
Bridget McKinney and Rob McKinney
Edward McLane
George McLaren and Stephanie McLaren
Darryl McLaurin
Susan McMahon
Nicole McMillin
Joanne McNally
Benjamin McNees
Heather McPherson and Malcolm W Smith
Susan L Mcroberts and David B McRoberts
Stephen McWilliams and Judith McWilliams
John Mead
Lisa Meece
Becky Meiers
Mick Meiners and Kris Meiners
Virginia Melin
Tamara A Menke
Natalie S Messmore and Kyle J Messmore
Dorothy Metaj
Kristen Metzler-Wilson and Thad Wilson
Dod Michael and Laura Michael
Miah Michaelsen and Jonathan Michaelsen
Cheryl Miles- Vieth and Kennth Vieth
Scott Miller
Andrew Miller and Maggie Cassidy
Michael D Miller and Stacy D Miller
Nancy Miller
Richard Miller and Ellen Miller
Chad Miller
Richard Miller and Linda Miller
Lloyd Milliken Jr and Sheila Milliken
Scott Mills and Kelly Mills
David Miner and Robin Miner
R Michael Miner
Franklin I Miroff and Susan Maisel
Gary Misamore
Phyllis Mitchell
Russell Mobley and Sally O. Mobley
Carolyn Mock
John Moe and Sharon Moe
Jane Mohler
Sally Mohringer
Anne-Marie Monty and Robert Emerson
David Moore
Linda Moran and Jon Moran
Jennifer Morgan
Travis Morgan and April Morgan
John Morrison
David Morse and Brittany Smith
Brent Mosby and Whitney Mosby
Jeffrey R. Mossler and Catherine G. Mossler
James Mowry and Judith Jacobi
Melissa Muha
John Munshower and Marcia Munshower
Kimmaree Murday and John McCollum
Kimmaree Murday and John McCollum
Todd Murphy
John Murphy
Patrick Murphy
William Muth and Charlene Muth
John Mutz and Carolyn Mutz
Brenda Myers and Jim Lindgren
Valory Myers and Charles Myers II
Larry Myers
Samisubbu Naidu
Robert Nation and Anne Nation
Marvin Needler and Priscilla Needler
Blake Lee Neubauer and Carolyn Neubauer
Mary Nichols
Nancy Nicholson
Marilyn Niehaus
Alex Nitu and Maria Nitu
Ruth Anne Noe
Lucinda Nord
Craig Novy
Adam Nowotarski and Melissa Nowotarski
Helen O'Guinn
Steve Oldham and Debbie Oldham
James Olson and Martha A Miles
Cynthia Olson-Heile
Julie Overbeck
Aaron Overstreet and Elisabeth Overstreet
Roberto Paliza
James Papke
Sanjay R Parikh
David Patterson and Catherine Patterson
Eloise Paul
Glenn D Payne and Marcia Payne
John Peer and Deanne Peer
Steve Pennal and Susan Pennal
Daniel L Penry and Alyce M Penry
Jodi F Perras and Joey B Hatcher
Sarah Perrone
Jenny Pfeil and Kirk Pfeil
Bradley Phelps
Keith Phelps and Kay Phelps
Carrie Phillips
Christine Phillips
Neil Pickett and Deborah Pickett
Margaret Piety and Josef Laposa
Kevin Pike
Eddie Pillow
George Ping
Barbara A Plater and David M Plater
Patricia A Poehler and John Poehler
Joshua Poertner and Bobbi Byrne
Adela Pollock
Kevin Poorman
Matt Shafer Powell and M. Michelle Powell
Richard Powell Jr. and Kristin Glazner
Toby Powell and Marie Powell
J Howard Pratt and Linda Pratt
Jim Pressgrove
Phillip Price
John Purcell and Maureen Purcell
Jim Purucker and Kim Purucker
Greg Quagliara
Roger Radue and Anna Radue
Jane Rapinchuk and Mark Kowala
Beverly Ray
Matthew Rayburn
Sandra Reed
Susan Reed
Heinz E Reim and Laura A James-Reim
Mariel Reynolds
Graham Richardson
Jean Richcreek and Lamar Richcreek
Nancy Ritchardson
Joseph Roberts and Leanna Roberts
Charlotte Robertson
Fritz Robertson and Patricia Robertson
Carol Robinson
Jim Robinson
Miquel Rodriquez
Jane Root
Kim Rose and Zorba Rose
Jim Rosensteele and Rita Rosensteele
Joellen Rossebo
Donald A Rothbaum and Sandra L Rothbaum
Jane S Rothbaum
Carl Rouch and Dorinda Rouch
Sarah A. Rowland
Donna Rudiger
Lorraine Rund and Joseph Rund
Rochelle Sachs and Greg Sachs
Michael Salazar
Peter Sallay
Eric Sampson
Charles D Sams
Johnny Sanders
Jeanne Saunders
Scott J Savader
Barbara Savader
Paul Scali
Christopher Scanlon and Karen Scanlon
James Scheurich
John Schlafer and Katie Schlafer
Robert Schloss and Alice Schloss
Daniel Schluge and Susan Schluge
Roger W Schmenner and Barbara Schmenner
Andrea Schmidt
Carol Schmitz
Brigitte Schoner
Joyce Schrader and Joyce Schrader
Stacy Schroeder
Pete Schroeder and Joy Schroeder
Albert Schultze and Marcia Kolvitz
Jennifer Schwartz and Jonathan Fridell
Jen Searcy and Tom Searcy
Paul Sears
Julie F Segar and William E Segar
Lynn Seghetti
Carole Sendmeyer
Laura Sexson
Yvonne H Shaheen
Llinda Shanks
Michael Shapiro
Thomas Sharp and Teresa Sharp
Carolyn Sharp
Robert J Shaw and Susan McNeely
Patrick Shea and Christine Shea
Anita Sherman
Dana Sherwood
Frank Sheski
Irma Shields and James Shields
Kathleen Shook
Eric Siemers and Peggy Edwards
Mary Jane Sievers
Rose Sigborn and Thomas Sigborn
Robert Silbert and Denise Silbert
Katherine L Simmons and Helmut Fortense
Richard Skrzynecki and Pamela Skrzynecki
George Slenski and Mary Slenski
Robert Smith and Ava Smith
William Charles Smith III and Marilyn Ruth Smith
Troy and Meg Smith
Emily Snell
Chris Snyder and Melisssa Snyder
Christy Soldatis
Claudia Somes and Barney Quinn
James R Sommers and Rosemarie Sommers
Edward Spahr and Suzanne Spahr
Randy Spleth and Ann Updegraff Spleth
Julie St. James and Eric Bryant
Janet B Starkey and Richard C Starkey
Daniel Stauber
Cynthia V Stauffacher
Pamela Steed
Gayle Steigerwald
Thomas Steiner and Judy Steiner
Mark Steingold
Sarah Stelzner and David Ingram
Edward H Stephenson and Jane M Stephenson
Nic Steussy and Marti Steussy
Shelley Stewart
Ariel Leigh Stilwell and Arjun Daniel Sinha
Barbara Stilwell and Ray Dunkin
John Stimson
Anna Maria V Storniolo and Joel C Scherer
Michael Stouder
Jim Strain and Cheryl M Strain
Eric Strate
Erik Streib and Victoria Palmer-Smith
Tony Strong and Gail Strong
Derek Sublette
J Gregory Summers and Ellen L Summers
Michael Sutherlin and Susan Sutherlin
Lisa Sutphin
Bonnie H. Swaim
Hilary Swanson
Nancy L Swigonski and David W Clapp
Laura Tagliani
Ronald Taisch and Cathy Taisch
Stanley Talesnick
Regan E Tankersley and Patrick Tankersley
Sheila Tate
Lisa Tavormina and Jeff McClain
Jo Taylor and Kirk Taylor
Don Taylor and Miriam K Taylor
Thomas Temple and Ingrid Temple
Mary Louise Temple
Nicholas Terrio
Carole Terry
Herbert Tesser and Nannette Tesser
Tam Thai
Patricia Thiem
M Rosemary Thomas
James Thomas and Colleen Thomas
Jeffrey H Thomasson and Benita Thomasson
Gary Thompson and Leigh Harris
Neil Thompson
Diane Thompson
William Thorne
Penny Threlkeld and Mark Muhlhauser
Eleanor Thurston
Jennifer Tillman
Lynne Timmermans and Alex Timmermans
Michael Timmons and Constance Timmons
Mary Tinder
Jerry Toomer
James Torke and Christine Torke
John Tousley
Jessica Trimble and Adam Clevenger
William E Trout and Candace Marie Trout
Nathan Troutman Blumenshine and Rebecca Troutman Blumenshine
Tate Trujillo
Marshall Trusler and Jennifer Trusler
Winston N Turner and Lisa Turner
Michael Twyman
John Vahle and Kathy Vahle
John Van Nuys
Lori Vanatsky
Lynda VanKirk
Nancy VanVleet
Katharine Vargo
Mark Varnau and Ann Varnau
Karen U Vaughn and George Vaughn
Laura Viaches
Donna Videan
Ken Vieth and Cheryl Vieth
Kenneth W Vieth Jr.
Susan Vinicor
James C Vogel and Brenda J Vogel
Richard Vonnegut Jr.
Janice Wahle
Paul Waitt and Sarah Jane Waitt
Matthew Wakefield
Blake Wallis
Patrick Walsh and Jacqueline Eastman
Kelda Walsh and Laurence Walsh
Betty Lou Walsman and David Walsman
Emily Walvoord and Greg Bauwens
Amy C Waninger
Sharon Wardrip
Brad Warnecke and Theresa Warnecke
Joan Warrick
Marie Warshauer
Catherine Waynick and Larry Waynick
Elaine K Weaver
Kevin Weber and Cathy Weber
Paul T Weber and Maria Y Weber
Maureen E Weber
Bradley Weinberg and Betty Routlege
David Weir
Joshua Wellington and Katherine Wellington
Marti Wentworth
Christopher B Wertz and Vicki H Wertz
James Whelchel
Dennis Whitaker
Cynthia Whitaker
Chris White and Patrick White
Roger White
Timothy White and Kathleen White
Elizabeth White
James White Jr.
Michael Whitfield and Dawn Whitfield
Ron Wielage
Stuart Wiler and Barbara A Wiler
James Wilson
Fred G Winters and Jacquie Winters
Mark Wise and Amanda Wise
William Witchger and Kimberly Witchger
David Withey and Pamela Withey
Marion Wolen
James Wolf and Karen McEnroe Wolf
Christian Wolf and Elaine Holden-Wolf
Anthony L Wolski
Henry Wong
Aaron Wood
Susan Woodling
Jennifer Woods and Don Woods
Lloyd Wright and Maureen McCrae
David Wright and Jean Wright
Allen Wright Jr. and Alison K Wright
Kathleen Yager
John Yarbrough and Amanda Yarbrough
Robert D Yee and Linda M Yee
Jeffrey Yegerlehner
Kenneth J Yerkes and Wendy V Yerkes
Jamie K. Young
Joe Young and Caroline Young
Philip Zaneteas and Bettina Zaneteas
Lois Zentner
Ann Zerr and Tom Whittaker
Dawn Zimmer and William Adams
Gerald Zimmerman
Fredric Zuck and C. Sue Dumm
Sally Zweig
Robert Mangus