Spirited Chase is an interactive on-the-go program hosted by WFYI each year as a part of the Spirit and Place Festival.

2019 Spirited Chase “Transforming our Community”

More information about the 2019 Spirited Chase event here.


2018 Spirited Chase

WFYI would like to thank its amazing program partners for the 2018 Spirited Chase Event, “Community Intersections.”  From sketching natural landscapes that intersect with our local waterways, to enjoying art while walking along the Cultural Trail, playing improve games to understand how multiple art disciplines, finding where the past and present meet, and seeing where art and nature connect, our partners showed us  the many ways the people and places in our city intersect to create community.

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2018 Spirited Chase Partners

Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc.

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick is an 8-mile world-class urban bike and pedestrian path in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.  The Indianapolis Cultural Trail seamlessly connects neighborhoods, cultural districts, and entertainment amenities while serving as the downtown hub for central Indiana’s vast greenway system.

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is managed by a nonprofit, Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. (ICT, Inc.).  ICT, Inc. works to thoughtfully manage, maintain and continue to grow and improve all aspect of the Trail to ensure it continues to exist as a world-class public space for residents and visitor of Indianapolis.

Indy Convergence

Indy Convergence is an international artist residency program focused on interdisciplinary collaboration and the intersection of arts in the community. IC serves the Near West neighborhoods of Indianapolis and maintains programs internationally in Jacmel, Haiti and London, Ontario. Cultivating the talent that already exists on a local level and facilitating residency programs to bring in new perspectives, Indy Convergence works to both stimulate and amplify community voices.

Reconnecting Our Waterways (ROW)

Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW) is a collective impact initiative that has worked purposefully since 2012 to change the quality of life and ecology along Indianapolis waterways and surrounding neighborhoods. ROW has been able to convene community partners to enhance quality of life through innovation, analysis, cultural advancement and investment along Indy waterways and neighborhoods. We have walked alongside communities to discover and celebrate Indy’s waterways as a community asset.

Riverside High School & Indianapolis Classical Schools

Indianapolis Classical High Schools (ICS) is one community of two great high schools - Herron High School and Riverside High School - with a unified vision and mission to set a new standard for high school education in Central Indiana. ICS is a community of scholars that advances timeless ideas and content, builds a culture of respect and trust, and engages in an urban environment in order to prepare students to be world-class citizens. The schools are founded on the belief that a classical, liberal arts education, where students are steeped in great historical thought and invention, is the best preparation for a future life of leadership and service. And, are structured around an art history timeline which emphasizes the classic art and literature of many cultures.


Only Newfields could be Newfields. As the Indianapolis Museum of Art has grown to become an internationally renowned museum, Newfields now turn their attention toward increasing an emphasis on combining art with nature. This combination of art and nature was always part of the original vision—and now is a vision for the next fifty years. The galleries are surrounded by gardens, water features, over a hundred acres of woodland filled with surprise and beauty. The campus itself is ideal for performances, afternoon walks, kite-flying, cloud-gazing, memory-making, new-idea-having. There’s a mansion to stage unforgettable events, restaurants for relaxing, bars for microbrews and friendships. Newfields is a setting where it’s easy to make connections of all sorts. Like no place else in Indianapolis.


Nameless Catering
Thanks to the partners who kept us nourished throughout the day!


Spirited Chase is hosted as a part of the Spirit and Place Festival.