With WFYI’s 50th Anniversary on the horizon in 2020, the organization has completed a comprehensive assessment to understand how to make the greatest community impact. The overall goal of this effort is the development of a three-year strategic plan that positions WFYI as an ever more significant resource in central Indiana.

The plan was built upon WFYI’s internal assessments of organizational capabilities (succession planning work, departmental effectiveness review, and peer review) as well as external, community-based assessments of needs (including community listening sessions and existing community assessments.)

The strategic planning process was a nine-month project involving many, including a dedicated planning committee, which was composed of both staff and representatives from our board of directors. The plan was approved by the Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Media Board of Directors in June 2017. Single-year action plans will be developed to align with the strategic plan.

Click the image below to open the Voices That Inspire 2020 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Cover