The Underwriting Team has shared pictures of their workspace while working from home and talked about some things they have been enjoying while on lockdown. 


Stacey Stuteville
Corporate & Foundation Relations Director

PBS/Passport: My 5 yr. old and I spend a lot of quality time with PBS Kids, specifically Xavier Riddle & Wild Kratts right now. I am looking forward to introducing my 10 yr. old to Finding your Roots & Nature on Passport over the next month!
NPR Podcasts: I mostly listen to It’s Been A Minute as a podcast…I also LOVE Invisibilia, This American Life, Embedded, Sick and the NPR Politics Podcast. I also recommend Wow in the World if you have younger kids in your world.
Happy Moments: I LOVE Zoom! It’s so wonderful to connect and see other people. I think I am talking to friends more lately and I really hope that the zoom hangouts continue post-Covid-19. 

Julie Apple
Senior Account Executive

Book: Just finished ‘Parable of the Talents’ by Octavia E. Butler-  highly recommend it. 
NPR Podcasts:This American Life, still inspired by our last Listen Up guest Ira Glass
Happy Moments: Hearing from a lot of old friends, literally. Social distances and remote working has made people pick up the phone and connect with people in real time. Have heard from friends in Houston, Boston, New York and Sarasota. We usually text or e-mail. Nice to hear the human voice

Alan Carmack
Account Executive

PBS/Passport: Great Performances
NPR Podcasts: Dolly Parton’s America
Happy Moments: Biking on the Monon

Meghan Dagon
Account Executive


Book: Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty (fun but not too heavy)
PBS/Passport: The Global Story of the Pangolin on Nature (very good!)
Pets as Co-Workers: My animal co-worker: Cramer, an almost 10 year old Golden Doodle (who desperately needs a bath)

Suzanne Georg
Sponsorship and Event Coordinator

PBS/Passport: Call the Midwife! I binged the series (again) in anticipation of the new season which just started on WFYI.
NPR Podcasts: I’ve been listening to current and past episodes of Fresh Air, Terri Gross’s voice comforts me no matter what the subject.
Happy Moments: Seeing my parents embrace socializing virtually. My siblings are scattered across the US and my parents love being able to see their kids and grandkids virtually a few times a week. It’s something I hope continues once we are no longer on lockdown.
Katy Knerr
Account Executive
Book: American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins
NPR Podcasts: Sick
Happy Moments: The sun is out and it’s getting warmer! Great to go out and walk.

Taylor Leonard
Event Manager

Book: Save Yourself by Cameron Esposito and Untamed by Glennon Doyle
PBS/Passport: The Great British Baking Show, Finding Your Roots, and finally have time to finish Country Music by Ken Burns
Pets as Co-Workers: So many animal co-workers now! A black and white kitty named Kiki, a orange flat face kitty named Reba Jay, and two Pitbull mixes, one small and one big named Jilly Bean and Sampson.
Niki Staggs
Corporate Development Office Manager
Book: I’m not reading anything and I’m ashamed of that. Really need to pick up one of the hundreds of books I have in the house. I want to start The Poisonwood Bible, so I’ll make that my goal for this week!
NPR Podcasts: I’m listening to the regular line up on 90.1 from 7AM until around 4PM, to keep things as close to my daily normal as I can. I am really looking forward to Stephen King on Fresh Air today. Hearing our local personalities is comforting and I’m proud to call them colleagues.
Happy Moments: Happy moment happen when I shut everything down for half an hour, sit out in the yard with my dogs, and actually get a little pink because I was outside without sunscreen for half an hour!