Eva Experience: October 8th

Tuesday, October 8th
10:00 AM-1:30 PM


We are thrilled that WFYI won a $25,000 grant from the Indianapolis Rotary Foundation to put together a Virtual Reality and interactive exhibit for students to experience our new documentary, "Eva: A-7063". This documentary produced by WFYI and Ted Green Films tells the story of Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor. Eva was one of the twins tested on by Dr. Mengele. Since then she has come to find her own healing by forgiving the Nazi and traveling the world to share her story of hope. Trailer of "Eva: A-7063" Schools will be coming to the Indiana Historical Society to watch the one-hour version of the documentary. Following the film, students will be split up into groups of 25 and rotate through five exhibits. We are looking for volunteers to help the students in two exhibits run by WFYI. We could not do this without your help and really appreciate you considering to volunteer for this opportunity.
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