VP of Interactive Media and Content Strategy, Richard Miles

Richard Miles graduated from Butler—not once, but twice—with a Bachelors degree in 1987 and a Masters degree in 1991 in what was then Radio & Television. From 1987 until 1999, he helped manage Butler's radio and television stations WAJC and WTBU, and taught in the Telecommunications Department. In 1999, WFYI acquired Miles’ talents through the WTBU-WFYI television joint operating agreement, and he has been here ever since. He is currently the Vice President for Interactive Media and Content Strategies—which means he works with the folks in programming and operations who pick and schedule the content from PBS, NPR, BBC, APM, PRI and local shows. In other words, he helps create the rich channels, stations, and websites that WFYI offers to the community.

Richard is an active leader, serving on several boards, including the Public Television Programmers Association, WEDM-FM (Warren Central High School), Y-Press, the Lacy Leadership Association, and both the Board of Visitors at Butler's new College of Communications and the Jordan College of Fine Arts. Richard is also a graduate of class XXXI of the Stanley K. Lacy leadership program.

Richard lives in Indianapolis and has two daughters who attend the International School of Indiana. He is obsessed about soccer, particularly the English Premier League, loves old radios, and good food!