We did it!

And by “we,” we mean you! Thanks to you, we have reached our goal of raising $8.5 million during our long-running “Amplify the Voices of our Community” capital campaign. Thank you!

Because of your generous support, we have been able to make essential upgrades to our facilities and equipment, which is the sole purpose of a capital campaign. Any general contributions or funds raised during pledge drives go toward our operating budget that help us provide quality programming and pay our regular monthly expenses. The money given to the capital campaign is set aside specifically to invest in necessary technology and facility upgrades.

Every contribution we received for this campaign helps to ensure the radio and television programming and online services you enjoy go uninterrupted, and we want to thank all the individuals and organizations that generously contributed to this effort. As a result, we have been able to make significant improvements that include:

• New television studio cameras, editing suites and a production switcher allowing us to produce      award-winning documentaries and public affairs shows
• Updated Master Control equipment that ensures proper recording and playback of programs from  PBS and other producers
• New desktop computer software that allowed all our employees to upgrade our Windows    Operating system
• A new broadcast antenna to replace the old one as required by the FCC to meet new broadcast  standards
• A TV Production van that allows our employees to travel safely to remote locations
• An eco-friendly roof atop the TV studios complete with bee hives to help address the bee crisis in  America that also helps with sound abatement in the studios

This is just a short list of what these funds have provided, and we again want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who played a role. We know that quality audio and video are important to everyone listening and watching our programs, and to attracting new audiences, so we appreciate every single contribution toward these important purchases.

Thank you!