Spirited Chase 2014

Spirited Chase 2014


“Pack Your Bags”

WFYI invites you to “Pack Your Bags” and join us on a JOURNEY around Indianapolis during the 6th Annual Spirited Chase on Saturday, November  15. Part of the 2014 Spirit and Place Festival, this interactive on-the-go program offers you the chance to visit six secret locations in search of understanding the various ways in which members of our community encounter and experience JOURNEY.

During your "chase," you will be given an envelope at each destination with information about your next location. The envelope includes precise directions for driving (or biking) and parking. The six community partner venues are unique and each will offer its own creative and engaging brand of "journey”. Come prepared to be a little daring and to maybe get a bit dirty. (Outdoor and hands-on activities are a definite possibility!) You will have the chance for photos along the way, a lunch stop, and a time for reflection and feedback at the end of the day. (Please note: WFYI will try to accommodate dietary requests and participants with needs that cannot be met will be notified prior to the event.)

If you are able, we encourage you to bring along a canister of inexpensive ground coffee, a bag of sugar (no packets please), or a bottle of powdered coffee creamer.  These items will be donated to a local human service organization in order to assist them in continuing along their JOURNEY toward serving members of our community.

So, pack your bags, and join us on a day-long JOURNEY around Indianapolis!


Do I need to participate in the whole event?
No, but we hope you do! There will be 6 locations.
Are children welcome?
Yes, but the event is best suited for children 14 years of age or older.
Can I change team members?
Yes, but we need to have final confirmation of team members before November 14.
What constitutes one-car-load?
         Car loads are limited to 8 persons per vehicle.
Are the sites accessible?
Regrettably, not all locations are ADA compliant. WFYI staff and volunteers will do their best to assist those with disabilities, however.
Will there be rest facilities along the way?
Yes, the venues will have facilities available.
Should I bring water or snacks?
Please do! We will provide light breakfast snacks, a lunch, and some light refreshments at the closing venue.
Is this rain or shine?
Yes! Dress for mess! Rain or shine, hot or cold, messy or clean ... we're taking you there! (Tennis shoes really are a must and skirts/dresses are not recommended. Check the morning forecast and bring an umbrella, if needed.)
Will I need any extra money?
Perhaps, but that's because you might wish to purchase an item from a location.
Will you tell me where I'm going?
Yes, indeed, but only by printed instructions at the previous stop. No information about destinations will be revealed in advance. We will email you final confirmation information about where to meet for the start of the Spirited Chase on November 15.

PLEASE also check your email on the morning of November 15 in case of any last minute changes.

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