NewsHealth / March 26, 2014

County Health Rankings Mixed For Cental Indiana

Jill Sheridan

A new report ranks 92 Hoosier counties from most to least healthy.  Hamilton, Hendricks and Boone counties are once again at the top of the County Health Rankings list. 

Marion County falls into the 78th spot according to the fifth annual report.  Johnson County is also ranked one of the healthiest, while Madison County is toward the bottom. 

Dr. Kritin Adams with the Indiana State Department of Health says the information measures a variety of health standards.

"We look at things like infrastructure, access to health care, smoking rates, we look at obesity rates," says Adams.

The report also provides an estimate of counties future health, ranking Marion even closer to the bottom.

"Anytime you get a major metropolitan area, there is a whole host of issues that can be brought in," says Adams.

She stresses that simple steps like walking more and taking the stairs can make a real difference.  Dr. Adams also urges Hoosiers to use state resources like 1-800-QUITNOW to stop smoking.

The rankings allow counties to compare how residents are doing.  It also provides an educational tool to identify where improvements need to be made.

The interactive report can be viewed online at



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