A Message From the President

Whether the temperatures outside suggest it or not, we are, indeed, headed into spring, a season full of new growth and promise. Here at WFYI we are embracing spring with renewed energy and commitment to providing you, our viewers and listeners, with quality programming that provokes, entertains, informs and inspires.

As part of our Spring Television Membership Drive this month, WFYI will air many new television programs that feature stirring music and dance, as well as informative specials that offer practical tips to help us live more healthful, vibrant lives. We hope you’ll feel energized and inspired by these specials and we also hope you will choose to renew your membership. Your support of WFYI is vital to our health as a station.

Public support of WFYI not only provides excellent programming on television and radio, but makes an investment in education, critical community conversations and initiatives that strengthen our Central Indiana community.

If you missed the WFYI American Graduate Community Town Hall with Judy Woodruff of PBS Newshour when it aired in late January, you may wish to view the podcast online at wfyi.org. These kinds of conversations are key to moving us forward as a community dedicated to our children’s quality education. That conversation continues this month when WFYI hosts a training opportunity for educators and youth workers focused on creating environments that support positive student outcomes.

Also, this month, we air the premiere of the new documentary The Story of the Jews, hosted by prize-winning author Simon Schama, which brings to life Jewish history and experience in a five-part series. Through this series we can see how, as Schama says, “the history of the Jews is everyone’s history.”

If you were one of the hundreds of people who attended our Ice Miller Wine Fest last month, we thank you for your support of WFYI. We hope you enjoyed the event and learned more about the many varieties of wine throughout Indiana and beyond.

As always, we at WFYI thank you for your continued support of public broadcasting.

Lloyd Wright
WFYI President and CEO