A Message From the President

We have some passionate listeners and viewers in central Indiana. Often, members share with us how much our programs mean to them. Here are some recent comments: “The programs enrich my life,” “WFYI programming exposes me to subjects and concepts I would not otherwise be exposed to,” “the quality and variety of programming is the best on the air, anywhere.”

I couldn’t agree more. I, too, find the national and local content to be a boost to my daily life. You, our many members and supporters, make it possible for people of central Indiana to get content they trust and value. You help keep public media universally accessible for all people. Thank you!
This month on television, you’ll discover brand new episodes of Nature and NOVA, as well as tributes to some iconic performers such as BB King, Ray Charles and Fats Domino, plus the exciting conclusions to dramas that began last month.

On radio, we offer you intriguing first-person stories with programs such as This American Life and The Moth, while our national and local reporters take you deeper into the news of the day.
Online, we are making more of our content available to you for streaming via computer at wfyi.org, and in the months ahead, watch for some exciting developments with video on demand for members.

If winter is going to continue with its bluster – and I guess we don’t really have a say in that -- then it is good to know we have quality programming close at hand to warm our hearts and stimulate our minds for the month ahead.

On the horizon, Antiques Roadshow will be making a stop in Indianapolis in July. The popular 13-time Emmy award-nominated PBS program will bring specialists from the nation’s leading auction houses and independent dealers to offer free appraisals of Hoosiers’ antiques and collectibles.”

Thank you again for all that you do to keep public media thriving in central Indiana! We are grateful for the many ways you support WFYI.

Lloyd Wright
WFYI President and CEO