A Message From the President

While IndyCar drivers and their teams are preparing this month to do what they do best, we at WFYI are headed to Speedway to do what we do best: to amplify the voices of ordinary citizens…this time with our WFYI Speak Up Phone.

Throughout May, the WFYI Speak Up Phone will be stationed in downtown Speedway where anyone can record a favorite experience of the Indianapolis 500. We will collect those stories and some will make it on 90.1 as part of our reporting project, My 500.

Maybe you have genius ideas? Physicist Stephen Hawking says we all can think like a genius, and he sets out to prove it in a short TV series this month. In Genius by Stephen Hawking we see how ordinary people try to answer the greatest mysteries of the universe. Additionally, WFYI brings you a special feature on rocker Janis Joplin, engaging new independent films, plus, an annual favorite, the National Memorial Day Concert.

Also in May, WFYI is hosting two free public forums in our Conversation About Education series – one features panelists discussing the end of ISTEP testing, and the other focuses on arts in education. Please join us.

For all the ways you partner with WFYI – thank you for helping to keep public media thriving in our community. You are a critical part of all that we do in central Indiana.

Thank you!

Lloyd Wright
WFYI President and CEO