Economic Club of Indiana


Val Ackerman
John C Goodman
Dr. Lewis Ferebee
Joseph Swedish
Chris Barbin
David Breashears
John Lechleiter
David Fanning
Chuck Pagano
Myron Gray
Dan Evans
Mark Miles
Admiral Dennis Blair
George Ayittey - November 14, 2014
Anne-Marie Slaughter - October 23, 2014
Doug Oberhelman - September 16, 2014
Roland G. Fryer Jr. - May 14, 2014
Gail J. McGovern - April 22, 2014
Mr. James Haslam - March 11, 2014
Henry Paulson, Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and Founder of the Paulson Institute
Arthur C. Brooks, President, the American Enterprise Institute
James M. Guyette, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce North America Inc.
Beth A. Brooke, Global Vice Chair of Public Policy, Ernst and Young
The Economic Club of Indiana Speaker Archive - Gary Doer, Ambassador of Canada to the United States of America
The Economic Club of Indiana Speaker Archive - Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., President, Purdue University