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American Legion Commander Supports Airstrikes

Sam Klemet

United States air strikes have started in Iraq after President Obama called for military action, Thursday.

Friday's attacks were focused on the country’s northern region.

The nation’s largest veteran’s organization, the American Legion - headquartered in Indianapolis - says it supports the action.

The airstrikes are to drive out militants, but there are also airdrops to provide humanitarian aid to Iraqi citizens.

National Commander Dan Dellinger says the move had to be done.

"Humanitarian drops are necessary along with protecting our forces or our personnel in Iraq," he said.  "They are moving closer to the city of Erbil and that's where we have our consulate and supporting staff.  It could be overrun and we need to protect those who are over there."

President Obama says the military action won’t include putting boots on the ground. Dellinger agrees that shouldn’t happen because he thinks the air strikes are enough and will be effective.

"They only have so many weapons and arms and if we can destroy their missile base I think that's a good thing," he said. "It will definitely help."

"The Middle East needs to be a stable area.  It helps everyone if they can reconciliate," said Dellinger.



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