NewsEducation / October 8, 2013

Box City Project Engages Local Students

Jill Sheridan
Box City Project Engages Local Students

Third and fourth grade students in Noblesville are learning about building and planning while having fun with boxes.  The kids at Promise Road Elementary are getting a hands-on lesson in the field of construction and city planning this week.  A new program dubbed Box City is teaching students architecture and design as well as zoning and permit requirements. 

Noblesville Planning Director Christy Langley says it's cool to see the students learn about what is sometimes considered a mundane job, "to see them getting to do things like scaling out blocks, zones, talking about how historically cities develop."

The kids are constructing box buildings using the same standards and methods as the City of Noblesville.  They will then determine a master layout of a city.  The effort, which is considered the first of it's kind in Indiana, is also in line with the project-based learning curriculum that Promise Road Elementary uses. 



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