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Christmas Tree Recycling At Home

Jill Sheridan
Christmas Tree Recycling At Home

After the gifts are put away and all the decorations packed up for next year, your Christmas tree can be put to good use in the backyard.  

Real Christmas trees can be repurposed in a number of ways in your landscape.  A Purdue Extension horticulturist offers some tips for recycling trees. 

Winter birds will use the trees for cover, especially if there are bird feeders or homemade treats attached.  You should secure the tree to the ground first so it doesn’t blow out of your yard. 

Another idea is to use the tree for mulch.  Grind or chop smaller branches and use larger branches in bundles to protect perennials and shrubs. 

Many communities around Central Indiana will also be offering free tree pick up or drop off locations for recycling in the coming weeks.    



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