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Committee To Investigate ROC

Sam Klemet
Committee To Investigate ROC

The City County Council is putting together a group to look at the closing of the Regional Operations Center on the east side.

The council unanimously voted to put together a bipartisan investigative committee.

The center closed last month due to code violations.

Officers began working in the $18 million facility in 2012 prior to the Super Bowl, but it shut down this week due to poor conditions.

"Public safety is not the problem, it's the mismanagement of public safety funds that is the problem," said Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Rick Snyder.  "Proof one, exhibit A is the ROC lease agreement.  That's $18 million that could have gone into hiring more police officers and paying the ones that we have now.  Instead, we are locked into a boondoggle agreement that somebody else made and we are suffering the consequences for it.  And when I say we, I mean the citizens of Indianapolis."

The nearly 150 officers working in the facility transferred to other locations including the Airport’s emergency operations center.

The committee will be made up of five democrats and five republicans.



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