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Council Sues For ROC Documents

Sam Klemet
Council Sues For ROC Documents

The City County Council is suing Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard’s administration for documents for the investigation of the Regional Operations Center.

Members voted 15-14 in favor of the move, Monday, but some think doing so is unnecessary.

The ROC closed last year after the Department of Public Safety found its working conditions were unsafe and employees were relocated.

The committee formed to look into the 25-year, $18 million contract for the east side facility that opened just before the city hosted the Super Bowl in 2012.

But, members say the Ballard administration has been slow in producing between 20 and 30 documents needed for the investigation.

Councilor Pam Hickman says not having the information hinders the committee’s ability to make recommendations.

"We do not have half the documentation we have asked for," said Hickman.  "That is transparency.  To have everything we have asked for and to sit down together and make recommendations out of this committee.  We can't get it.  I'm tired of going to meetings and finding out we still don't have what we need."

But, Councilor Marilyn Pfisterer thinks there is enough information and the lawsuit detracts from the investigative process.

"I think this thing has gone way, way off the track," she said.  "I would like to see the commission get back to the purpose of devising a method where we have contracts that are not detrimental to the city moving forward."

A written report will be submitted to the Marion Circuit Court to subpoena the administration to produce the documents.



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