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Ethics Panel: Rep. Eric Turner Didn't Violate Lobbying Laws

Brandon Smith
Ethics Panel: Rep. Eric Turner Didn't Violate Lobbying Laws

The Indiana House Ethics Committee Wednesday cleared Republican Representative Eric Turner of any technical wrongdoing…though committee members said Turner’s actions exposed serious flaws in the legislature’s ethics system.

"We hope to in the future revise House rules and make it more transparent," said Rep. Clyde Kersey, the committee's ranking Democrat.

The Ethics Committee was charged to investigate allegations that Turner improperly lobbied against a nursing home construction moratorium when he and his son both have ties to the nursing home industry.  The report unanimously approved by the committee says evidence reveals no violation of House rules or its code of ethics, Kersey said.

Turner was not present at Wednesday’s hearing.  His attorney, Toby McClamroch, says the report exonerates the Republican lawmaker.

“They may have to go back and take a look at the law on disclosure and if they do that, he’ll be willing to not only help with the process but comply with the law, McClamroch said.

Committee members said they hope to have changes to the ethics rules ready for the General Assembly’s next session.  



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