NewsLocal News / January 2, 2014

First Influenza Death Reported In Indiana

Jill Sheridan
First Influenza Death Reported In Indiana

The flu season has started across the Hoosier state, and one adult in an unreported county has now died as a result of the illness.  

Indiana State Department of Health Respiratory Epidemiologist Shawn Richards says over the last week, more cases are coming in. 

"We are seeing predominately Influenza A, the 2009 strain circulating right now," said Richards.

That strain is a variant of the Pandemic outbreak but current vaccinations now cover it. 

Indiana is one of 23 states reporting an uptick in cases according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The State Department of Health has a system that works with hospitals, doctors and clinics to identify potential cases. 

Curt Brantingham with the Marion County Health Department says there’s still plenty of time to get vaccinated.

"We still have vaccine available right now," said Brantingham.

Other preventative measures like washing hands and staying home if you feel sick are also highly recommended.   



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