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Gov. Pence ‘Coy’ On Details For 2014 Education Agenda

Gov. Pence ‘Coy’ On Details For 2014 Education Agenda

Gov. Mike Pence has laid out an ambitious education agenda for 2014 — preschool vouchers, dropout recovery schools and a teacher innovation fund. But he’s been purposefully short on the details, reports Indiana Public Broadcasting‘s Brandon Smith:

Each of those items will have a significant fiscal impact and so far, Pence has been coy in talking about ways to pay for his plans. He says that’s for good reason.

“I want to give legislators the broadest possible range to develop how they think this might work best giving consideration to all of the interests involved,” Pence said.

Pence says he’s had good discussions with legislative leaders about options to enact parts of his agenda but doesn’t want to speculate publicly about those options.  He says that will allow the broadest range of debate.

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