NewsLocal News / March 21, 2014

IND Bans E-Cigarettes

Smoking an e-cigarette at the Indianapolis International Airport can now result in a $75 fine.2014-03-21T00:00:00-04:00
IND Bans E-Cigarettes

The Indianapolis International Airport is expanding its smoking ordinance.

Vapor pens and e-cigarettes are no longer allowed. The airport board unanimously agreed on the change. Spokesman Carlo Bertolini says it’s intended to provide uniformity.

"If you've seen some of the e-cigarettes, especially at a glance, they look quite a bit like a traditional cigarette," he said.  "There is a concern that someone coming through who is actually a traditional smoker may think that smoking is allowable in the airport.  So that was part of the logic behind the change."

Violators face a $75 fine.

The airport has had a smoking ordinance in place since 1995 and Bertolini says it was last updated in 2007.



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