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After LAX Shooting Indy Airport Stepping Up Surveillance

Sam Klemet
After LAX Shooting Indy Airport Stepping Up Surveillance

Authorities are investigating a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport and Indianapolis International Airport is monitoring the incident.

"We have police officers in different areas of the complex.  We have miles of airport property.  So, we've just stepped up the surveillance in the terminal area and in front of the terminal for right now," said Senior Director of Indy Airport Operations, Mike Medvescek.

He says even though final details aren’t available, airport staff is reviewing response procedures.

"We've already had a conference call with all the officials here at the airport - airport police, the airlines, TSA - and we've already discussed issues going forward," said Medvescek.  "After the event, all the agencies will get together and have a post report and just make suggestions or ideas."

Medvescek says he is confident of the security measures IND currently has in place.

"We monitor everything that goes on in the terminal on a 24-hour a day basis.  So, we monitor out front of the terminal, as vehicles arrive, as vehicles exit," he said.  "So, we are pretty observant."

(Image from Indianapolis International Airport)



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