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IndyGo And IPS To Study Possible Partnership

Sam Klemet
IndyGo And IPS To Study Possible Partnership

The Metropolitan Development Commission approved funding a feasibility study of using IndyGo to provide service for some IPS students.

Members voted in favor of the project, Wednesday.

The $62,000 study will be paid for through a mix of federal transportation funds and local money.

IndyGo President Mike Terry says the partnership helps IPS transport students and better utilizes the bus service.

"What we are talking about is services that we currently have, or the growth of our transit system as we plan, that we continue to support the option for using the public transportation system as ways of people getting around, including students," said Terry.  "Whether it be colleges, universities, or the high schools programs, it's general mobility."

The idea was kicked around in 2008, but stalled.  Terry said under IPS’ new leadership, it’s back on the table.

"Some things have changed since then.  Now we have charter schools.  We have some of the magnet schools programs.  Students aren't living in their neighborhoods and going to school," he said.  "A lot of transportation issues have changed since even 2008."

Some charter and private schools already use IndyGo to transport students, but under federal law, the transit company is not allowed to provide exclusive school bus service.

New IPS Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Scott Martin, worked with a similar transportation partnership at his previous job in Iowa.

He says the system was a success there and thinks it can be even better in Indianapolis.

"Because of the urban setting and many students and families already utilize it and this would just an extension of their daily activities," he said.  "I have a good feeling about it being successful."

The feasibility study is expected to take a few months before a final report is ready.



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