NewsEducation / March 3, 2014

IPS Schools Will Begin ISTEP+ Testing March 10


Indianapolis Public Schools will begin ISTEP+ testing Monday, March 10. 

The test dates are later than originally scheduled because the Indiana Department of Education extended the testing window to accommodate schools that lost several days of instructional time due to inclement weather. IPS will start testing in the second week of the window.

Dr. Wanda H. Legrand, deputy superintendent for academics, says IPS will maximize the instructional time remaining before testing begins. IPS officials are encouraging students and parents to ask any questions they might have about the testing.

“In preparation for state assessments, it is often beneficial for families to discuss the testing process and ensure that students and adults understand what testing days will look like,” Legrand said.  “Principals and teachers are happy to answer questions that might allay any potential concerns about performance or scheduling; and they are a resource for other related information.”

The IPS ISTEP+ testing window is scheduled for March 10-19.



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