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Lugar Receives Medal Of Freedom

Sam Klemet
Lugar Receives Medal Of Freedom

The White House honored former U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom Wednesday.

"In a time of unrelenting partisanship, Dick Lugar's decency, his commitment to bipartisan problem solving stand as a model of what public service ought to be," said President Obama.

He was one of 16 recipients to receive the award.

Obama says Lugar served as one of his role models while serving in the Senate.

"I'll always be thankful to Dick for taking me - a new junior senator - under his wing," Obama said, "including travels together to review some of his visionary work, the destruction of Cold War arsenals in the former Soviet Union, something that doesn't get a lot of public notice, but was absolutely critical to making us safer."

President Obama praised the six-term senator from Indiana for his bipartisanship and commitment to national security.

"His legacy is the thousands of missiles and bombers and submarines and warheads that no longer threaten us because of his extraordinary work" Obama said.  "Our nation and our world are safer because of this statesman."

Prior to serving in the Senate, Lugar served two terms as the Mayor of Indianapolis.




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