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Marion Co. Clerk Beth White Announces Run for Secretary of State

Sam Klemet
Marion Co. Clerk Beth White Announces Run for Secretary of State

Marion County’s Clerk wants to hold a new, statewide office.

Democrat Beth White is running for Secretary of State.

"I want to be your Secretary of State because we can do better," said White outside the Statehouse, Monday.

She admits her record as Clerk is not flawless, but says Marion County’s voting system is in better shape now because of her work.

"Twelve elections is a lot of elections and we have tried hard to do what's right by the people of Marion County.  I stand by my record.  It is not perfect, many people may make that an issue," said White.  "I will tell you that I have plenty of things to say about how I have helped the voters of Marion County much much more than the problems we had with elections."

But, election and voting issues are why Republicans say White is not right for the job.

"Beth White's legacy in Marion County is one of prioritizing shrill partisan politics over getting the polls open on time," said Marion County Republican Party Chairman, Kyle Walker.  "Hoosier voters deserve better, they deserve the kind of integrity and leadership that Connie Lawson provides as Secretary of State." 

White is particularly concerned with the state’s voter identification law which she says "disproportionately" hurts those without transportation and young people.

She doesn’t believe it will be repealed, but says, if elected, she will work to have it changed.

"Since it is the law of the land, I believe it needs to be moderated.  It is not in any way sensical," she said. "Other states have figured out, in a common sensical way, to do different things."

If White is elected, she will be the first Democratic Secretary of State since Joe Hogsett in 1994.

"One political party controls most of the Executive Branch and all of the Legislative Branch," she said.  "They can and they have been passing laws without consultation, without discussing anything with anybody who disagrees with them.  Now, that is not Hoosier common sense." 

"I want to be your Secretary of State to bring balance back to state government."




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