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More Roundabouts Coming To Carmel

Jill Sheridan
More Roundabouts Coming To Carmel

Carmel continues to construct, thanks to a strong local economy.   While U.S. 31 undergoes a major transformation, residents in Carmel will soon have an alternate route as the city secures funding for completion of Illinois Street. 

The project will extend the road from 111th Street to just north of I-465, adding two new roundabout intersections. Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard says besides being good for the environment the city experiences an 80 percent reduction in injury accidents, thanks to the interchanges.

"One to four cars, out of a million, crash at any intersection, that's just the human error rate," Brainard explains.  "The difference with the roundabout is where that might be a high speed accident at a regular intersection; it's a low speed accident at the roundabout."

Carmel is able pay for the road because of a strong credit rating.  Brainard says infrastructure is critical for a city to be successful.  

"You've got to be able to move people and goods around quickly and efficiently and safely," he says.

The expanded road will allow residents a detour during the construction of U.S. 31, preserving the residential nature of Spring Mill Road. 



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