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New Year, New Number: HJR-6 Is Now HJR-3

New Year, New Number: HJR-6 Is Now HJR-3

Indiana’s proposed same-sex marriage amendment has a new number. The House Joint Resolution formerly known as HJR-6 is now HJR-3.

This year’s version of the resolution was introduced Thursday, and got its new number. It also picked up a companion bill – HB1153 – which seeks to clarify the intent of the constitutional amendment in regard to employment benefits and prescribes language for the ballot.

The Indianapolis Star explains: 

"That clarifying language would appear to address some of the concerns raised by employers and others that the amendment would make employee recruitment difficult and make Indiana appear unwelcoming. The clarifying bill, however, seems to still ban civil unions for same-sex couples — a provision that some see as a step too far."

The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear the bill on Monday, Jan. 13 at 10 a.m. in the House chamber.

The same-sex marriage amendment was passed by the House and Senate in 2011. If the resolution is approved by lawmakers this year, it will move on to a referendum, where a majority of Hoosiers must vote to approve the amendment before it becomes part of the Indiana’s constitution.



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