NewsEducation / March 24, 2014

Outstanding IPS Alumni Wanted

Jill Sheridan
Outstanding IPS Alumni Wanted

There is a call out for exceptional people to be inducted into the Indianapolis Public Schools Hall of Fame. Nominations are being accepted for the class of 2014.

Linda Broadfoot, executive director of the IPS Education Foundation, says this is the ninth year graduates will be recognized in an effort to convey community pride. 

"It's a great PR tool for IPS to show all the great things that are happening, currently and in the past, for the district," explains Broadfoot, "and it's a great inspiration point for students."

Inductees will join notable former students like David Letterman, Kurt Vonnegut and Senator Richard Lugar. 

The honor also helps raise money for the school system.

"The funds we raise we turn around into matching grants for innovative projects that IPS teachers are pursuing," says Broadfoot. 

Candidates should be out of school for at least five years, have achieved significant accomplishments and have been recognized in their field. Potential inductees should also have a history of community service.

Applications can be filed online and are being accepted through April 15.



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