NewsPublic Affairs / July 1, 2014

State, Local Leaders Negotiating With Firm To Run Rail Line

Brandon Smith
State, Local Leaders Negotiating With Firm To Run Rail Line

A leading contender has emerged to replace Amtrak in operation of the Hoosier State passenger rail line, which runs between Chicago and Indianapolis.  State and local communities will now try to reach an agreement with Corridor Capital.

Federal funding for the Hoosier State Line ran out last year and the state, along with local communities along the line that include Lafayette, Indianapolis and Rensselaer, stepped in to subsidize it for a year.

The state also began seeking proposals to improve the line and make it less costly to taxpayers.  It received four bids from private contractors, along with a proposal from Amtrak.  Corridor Capital, a passenger rail development company based in Chicago, was chosen as the preferred vendor. 

The state and local communities that fund the line are now in discussions with the private firm, working on a contract that can be circulated for public approval.  In a statement, Corridor Capital says it’s aiming to take over operations in October, when the state and local funding agreement expires. 



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