NewsHealth / March 26, 2014

Strong Schools Grants Offered

Jill Sheridan

Making sure kids get needed physical activity during the school day is the goal behind a number of grants to be awarded.  Young people need at least one hour of exercise every day but many fall well short of that mark. 

Indiana University Health is offering 22 grants to Hoosier schools as part of its "Strong Schools" initiatvie.  The money will allow schools to implement new, healthy programs or pay for fitness equipment or software. 

Sarah Moore, senior project manager of community benefirts with IU Health, says schools may also use the funds to particpate in programs like Playworks, which provides a more organized recess.

"Students get more rigorous activity," explains Moore, "it's shown that they are better ready to learn when they get into the classroom."

In addition, the money may help create "shared use" agreements making gyms, pools and playgrounds available to the community. 

The grants range from $1,000 to $3,000 and schools may apply online at  The application deadline is May 2. 



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