NewsLocal News / October 25, 2013

Committee to Start Investigating ROC Lease

Sam Klemet
Committee to Start Investigating ROC Lease

A 10-member bipartisan committee will begin investigating the eastside Department of Public Safety Regional Operations Center which closed in September.

The City County Council signed off on creating the committee earlier this month.

Councilor Joe Simpson will serve as its chair and hopes to have the information gathering portion of the investigation wrapped up by the beginning of the year.

"I think it's gearing more to get more of an understanding about how these leases were put in place and get more information on who was involved and the practice, the rules and regulations, and the code," he said.  "Who knows what we are going to find."

Officers began working in the $18 million facility in 2012 prior to the Super Bowl, but it shut down due to poor conditions.

When the ROC was evacuated, about 150 officers were reassigned because of the alleged unsafe conditions.

The committee will look at why DPS entered into a long-term lease and whether or not the information provided to the Council was complete and accurate, among other issues.

The first meeting is November 4.



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