NewsLocal News / October 16, 2013

Elephant Expert Addresses Urgent Need

Jill Sheridan
Elephant Expert Addresses Urgent Need

An elephant expert is in Indianapolis presenting the latest information on efforts to protect the world’s largest land mammal.  

The Indianapolis Zoo works closely with Dr. Charles Foley, director of the Tarangire Elephant Project in Tanzania, Africa.  This week Foley is updating the public on work being done half a world away. 

Last year, the Indy Zoo raised over $90,000 through a unique fundraiser collecting donations for parking during Super Bowl XLVI.  That money has allowed Foley and his team to collect information about elephants using radio collars.  The collars help researchers track migration patterns for the animals so they can be better protected.

Foley says there have been waves of poaching problems throughout history. "Now we have approximately 35,000 elephants being killed a year on the African continent," he said.

The Indy Zoo has been supporting Foley’s research and anti-poaching efforts as part of its conservation campaign since 2006.   Foley has been an outspoken advocate for the need to protect these gentle giants and stop the trafficking of ivory.  People are encouraged to learn more about the crisis at  



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