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Homeless Engagement Center Donor, Philanthropist Remembered

Homeless Engagement Center Donor, Philanthropist Remembered

Larry Reuben speaks in March 2011, during the announcement of $8 million in grants from his parents’ estate to 13 nonprofit organizations in Indianapolis, including WFYI.

Doug Jaggers

INDIANAPOLIS -- Funeral services are being held Wednesday for Larry Reuben, the Indianapolis attorney and community activist whose donation is helping to create a homeless ‘engagement center.’

Reuben made the $750,000 gift from his parents’ estate to the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention – CHIP – in 2011. But it went unspent until the City-County Council finally approved construction of the center in March.  The center, which will be called the “Albert G. and Sara I. Reuben Engagement Center” is meant to provide a safety net for people with chronic mental health and substance abuse issues. It’s estimated that the center will save Indianapolis between $3 million and $8 million a year.

Reuben also supported many other causes and organizations in central Indiana, including WFYI Public Media. He died Friday at age 67.



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