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New Federal Food Rules Could Affect Small Hoosier Farms

Jill Sheridan
New Federal Food Rules Could Affect Small Hoosier Farms

A public comment period, seeking input from small and organic farms on the the Food Safety Modernization Act, is coming to an end this week.

The act aims to prevent foodborne illness.  For the past two years, the Food and Drug Administration has been working to iron out rules that will help in this effort.  Some of those rules require regular water testing and keeping animals out of fields. 

This poses a serious problem for small and organic farmers, some of whom have been urging the public to contact the FDA and express concern. 

Local companies that buy produce could also be affected.  Lincoln Saunders with Green Bean Delivery says the company is working to ensure the rules aren’t one-size-fit- all. 

"The path to food safety isn't going to be the same for every producer," said Saunders.

He believes the relationship between small farmers and consumers helps ensure a quality product. 

The docket is open for comment until Friday, November 15 on the FDA website.  



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