NewsLocal News / March 16, 2017

New Website Directs Unused Food To Indianapolis Food Banks

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New Website Directs Unused Food To Indianapolis Food Banks

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A new website is helping direct unused food away from landfills and onto the shelves of Indianapolis' food banks.

The website allows truckers hauling loads of food rejected by grocers or distributors to find food banks where they can donate that freight.

John Whitaker is executive director of the Indianapolis-based Midwest Food Bank. He says duplicate loads of produce and other shipments deemed perfectly fit to eat are sometimes rejected by grocers or distributors.

Whitaker tells The Indianapolis Star insurance typically covers unwanted freight so its owners don't object to it being donated to hunger-relief agencies.

The website is . It was launched last week through a partnership of the Indiana Motor Truck Association, Gleaners Food Bank, Midwest Food Bank, Second Helpings and St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.



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