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Weather Radios In Marion County May Not Work For Next Two Weeks

Weather Radios In Marion County May Not Work For Next Two Weeks

If you’re a Marion County resident who relies on a weather radio to receive alerts about severe weather, you’ll need to find have a plan B for the next week or so.

National Weather Radio Station KEC-74, broadcasting from Indianapolis, will be off the air “for a week or longer,” according to the National Weather Service. It says an accident caused “extensive” damage to the communications infrastructure. Utility crews are working to restore the service.

The NWS is encouraging residents to use its website, during the outage. And, even though the Indianapolis station is out of commission, signals of other nearby weather radio stations may reach Marion County residents. You can find a list of stations and a broadcast coverage map here. The agency also recommends tuning in to local radio and television stations for information about severe weather.

The NWS says severe weather is not expected during the next seven days. There will be rain and scattered thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday. The extended forecast also includes rain and non-severe thunderstorms.



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